Free Afsana Lachaux

Please support us by signing and sharing the petition on the Avaaz website to defend this injustice, where a British woman could go to jail for “kidnapping” the son she has lived with and nurtured since the day he was born.

Trapped in an abusive marriage and having left her husband, Afsana found herself subject to a campaign of intimidation, threats and trumped up charges for the last three years. In a bid for custody of their toddler son, her wealthy French ex-husband has successfully exploited the UAE system to his own advantage. For the last 3 years, he has mired her in numerous judicial processes which she has been forced to fight these malicious claims to clear her name. The trial started 21st January and ruling is due 11th February.

Her passport was confiscated by the Dubai police in 2011 due to continuous malicious allegations from the ex-husband, although she was never charged with any crime. We urge the British and UAE governments to intervene and have Afsana and her son returned to the UK.

Afsana is innocent of all charges and we appeal to the British and Dubai authorities have the case thrown out case and her son must be allowed to return to the UK. Afsana has broken no laws and has an exemplary reputation for helping disadvantaged groups in London.

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