Free Afsana Lachaux

Please support us by signing and sharing the petition on the Avaaz website to defend this injustice, where a British woman could go to jail for “kidnapping” the son she has lived with and nurtured since the day he was born.

Trapped in an abusive marriage and having left her husband, Afsana found herself subject to a campaign of intimidation, threats and trumped up charges for the last three years. In a bid for custody of their toddler son, her wealthy French ex-husband has successfully exploited the UAE system to his own advantage. For the last 3 years, he has mired her in numerous judicial processes which she has been forced to fight these malicious claims to clear her name. The trial started 21st January and ruling is due 11th February.

Her passport was confiscated by the Dubai police in 2011 due to continuous malicious allegations from the ex-husband, although she was never charged with any crime. We urge the British and UAE governments to intervene and have Afsana and her son returned to the UK.

Afsana is innocent of all charges and we appeal to the British and Dubai authorities have the case thrown out case and her son must be allowed to return to the UK. Afsana has broken no laws and has an exemplary reputation for helping disadvantaged groups in London.

Update on legal case – Afsana told to visit Louis in abusers home

Afsana still faces an uphill struggle in the UAE. Since Louis was snatched in October 2013 she has not been allowed to see him, her ex husband has refused any access visits.

Today we found out that the courts have granted custody visits to Afsana but they are to take place in her ex husbands home. With a history of domestic violence and incidents where he allegedly assaulted Afsana in public and has made constant threats to her, Afsana is clearly not safe alone in her ex husbands presence. In January 2012 Afsana was assaulted by him in public at Safa Park during a child access visit. If her ex husband can get away with beating her up in public then there is no hope for Afsana if she is forced to see Louis at her ex husbands house.

The UAE courts continue to deny her rights as woman, a mother, and victim of severe domestic violence. It is beggars belief that after 6 long months of not seeing Louis, Afsana is now expected to confront her abuser every week, in his home and on his terms. The home which she fled in April 2011 because of the beatings she had endured there.

In addition to this, Afsana’s freedoms are yet again at risk. Her ex husband continues to file false charges against Afsana. After being cleared of the bogus ‘defamation’ charge recently, she has now been asked to attend Dubai Airport police station to answer for a new charge filed by the ex husband on Mothers Day (30th March). The charge is bogus and designed to entrap her in the UAE, again when she is on the brink of getting some of her lost freedoms back.

All updates and statements on are written by her son, Rabbhi Yahiya and not Afsana Lachaux.

Happy Birthday my little boy :)

Today is Louis’ 4th birthday. From your mummy and big brothers we are wishing you a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:-)

We cannot be with you today but you are forever in our hearts and we think about you every day. Hopefully we will be reunited soon. Hopefully one day you will see that we never gave up. Mum made you this birthday video:)

Lots of love.

Mum, Rabbhi and Shabbir


British mum, Afsana Lachaux, found guilty of kidnapping her child in Dubai

British mum, Afsana Lachaux, found guilty of kidnapping her child in Dubai

Innocent British Citizen found guilty in Dubai 

Afsana Lachaux (46yrs), has been handed a 1 month suspended prison sentence in effect for 12 months. During this period she has no right to make complaints about her ex-husband and is denied the right to travel, work or even secure an apartment as the police still hold her passport. In addition to this, should the ex-husband make a complaint about her relating to their child, she will serve her jail term and then likely be deported.
The family understands from Afsana’s lawyers that they put in a strong defence and are shocked at the verdict. Evidence and witnesses were not permitted. Afsana is planning to appeal.
Furthermore, Afsana now faces another trial of defamation of character for which she must go through the whole emotional and costly process again. “We firmly believe it is her ex-husband’s intention to mire her in one case after another. He has legal custody of their child now and yet he still wishes to punish her and have her put in prison,” said her son from her first marriage Rabbhi, 26.
The case against her in the Dubai court of misdemeanours was brought by her French ex-husband (38yrs), after she did not turn up for a pre-arranged paternal visit on 9th March, 2012.
Afsana was too scared to turn up, fearing for the baby’s safety as well as her own as her ex-husband had assaulted her in public, made repeated threats and previously attempted to snatch the child.
Afsana fled her husband in 2011 with her baby son in fear for her life after being subjected to physical and mental abuse. For three years she was her son’s sole carer until he was snatched by her ex-husband in late October, 2013. She has not seen her son since that day.
It transpired the ex-husband had been awarded custody in her absence and without her knowledge in October 2012 on the (false) basis that she was a bad mother.
Rabbhi had the following things to say “All my mum’s attempts to explain and produce her own evidence against this charge, met with a wall of indifference,”
“She is a victim of a vengeful campaign by her ex-husband who is trying to punish her using the U.A.E legal system.”
“It is the victim of domestic violence that is being punished here rather than the abuser. For the last three years, my mum has had no freedom of movement, no home and no finances.”
The family urge the British Government to intervene to try and secure Afsana’s release from Dubai and custody over her own child.
The family also appeal to the ruling Sheik that this injustice is happening on his own soil and that a mother be released and reunited with her child for she is innocent of this charge.
We ask people to sign the petition on Avaaz to the British Government to urgently intervene in her case.

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Why this is important

Please sign and/or share the Free Afsana campaign on Avaaz.

Please sign and/or share the Free Afsana campaign on Avaaz.

Afsana, a British citizen and former civil servant, went to live in Dubai in early 2010 as a newlywed to her French husband. After the birth of their son in April that year, she was subjected to serious physical and mental abuse. After suffering constant threats, intimidation and abuse from the ex husband, she fled with her baby in April 2011. All previous attempts in reporting these assaults came to nothing and instead she is now facing a series of cases that her now ex-husband has instigated – designed to mire her in the UAE judicial system so she cannot leave. This was cemented by hiding the son’s passport, implementing a travel ban, (so that she can never leave the country with her child), having the police confiscate her passport and constantly making false allegations to Dubai police about her.

Rabbhi talks to ITV

In short, the wealthy ex-husband has been at will to use the UAE legal system for his own purposes and ensure she loses the right to see her son. She has broken no laws. Afsana is currently on trial on a charge of ‘kidnapping’ her son and awaits judgement 11th February. If convicted, she could be deported and lose her son. He was snatched from her arms in October 2013 by the ex-husband who it transpired was awarded legal custody (in October 2013) in her absentia. Afsana has not seen her son since that day. As a victim of domestic abuse it is she not the perpetrator who is being punished. She has suffered enormously over the last 3 years and needs urgent help. We ask the British Government to make urgent representations to the Dubai Government in having all cases against Afsana dropped, overturning the current custody order obtained in her absence and have her passport returned, allowing both mother and child to return to the UK.

Please support us by signing and sharing the petition on the Avaaz website.